Ajax 12v PSU for Hub

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The Ajax 12v PSU is a power supply unit used to connect the Hub, Hub Plus and ReX units to low-voltage power sources such as a 12V power supply or portable battery. An ideal solution for premises with no electricity, unstable power, mobile homes or boats.

The 12v PSU replaces the on-board 220v PSU

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Ajax 12v PSU for Hub, Hub Plus & Rex

A power supply unit used for connecting the Hub, Hub Plus control panels and ReX radio signal range extender to low-volgate power sources.

At Warehouses:

Use Ajax in premises lacking electricity or having an unstable power supply. A 12 V power supply unit allows connecting hubs and radio signal extenders to low-voltage networks or use a portable battery.

In Campervans and Caravans:

Ajax protects your home, even if it goes on wheels. Connect the hub to a car or portable battery, and let the security system travel with you.

On Yachts:

Insert a SIM card and connect the hub to the on-board network or battery so that Ajax always guards your boat at the pier.


The power supply unit is compatible with Hub, Hub Plus, and ReX. It features a standard socket for connecting the power jack plug and has a bundled terminal adapter.


12V PSU is installed into the device body, replacing the pre-installed 110/230 V power supply unit.

Calculate Power Consumption

How to calculate the time of operation of the central panel from an external battery:

Divide the capacity of the external battery by the power consumption of the central panel.

Power consumption of the central panel depends mostly on active communication modules — the average values ​​are indicated in the table:

Central panel Active communication modules Average input current
Hub GSM 42 mA
Ethernet 80 mA
GSM+Ethernet 90 mA
Hub Plus GSM 35 mA
Ethernet 72 mA
GSM+Ethernet 93 mA
Wi-Fi 20 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM 42 mA
Wi-Fi+Ethernet 80 mA
Wi-Fi+GSM+Ethernet 96 mA
Hub 2 GSM 33 mA
Ethernet 80 mA
GSM+Ethernet 86 mA
ReX 20 mA


For instance, when connected to a 40A·h battery, Hub 2 — with active GSM module only — will operate approximately 1200 hours (40A·h / 0.033A).

Technical Specifications

Compatibility Hub, Hub Plus, ReX
Input voltage 8-20 V DC
Output voltage 4.65 V ± 3%
Switch-on voltage 8 V ± 2.5%
Switch-off voltage 6.9-7.5 V (depending on load)
Input current <1 A
Output current 1,5 A
Connection Socket: 6,5 х 2 mm
Plug: 5,5 х 2,1 mm (power jack)
Dimensions 138 х 64 х 13 mm
Weight 30 g
Complete set 1. 12V PSU for Hub/Hub Plus/ReX
2. Terminal adapter
3. Quick guide

User Manual

Ajax 12v PSU for Hub, Hub Plus and Rex User Manual

Ajax Alarm User Guide


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