EZVIZ C3A Wireless Camera Build-It Kit

100% Wireless

Build your own wireless CCTV system consisting of the following devices:

The C3A Battery Cameras record to SD cards inserted into the cameras and / or EZVIZ Cloud-Service

*only items that the supplier has in stock or available on back order will be displayed below and available for purchase

EZVIZ C3A Battery Camera
100% Wire-Free Camera
EZVIZ W2D Base Station for C3A Camera
Supports up to 6 EZVIZ C3A battery cameras
EZVIZ Mounting Bracket for C3A Camera
EZVIZ Rechargeable Battery for C3A Camera
EZVIZ Battery Charging Station for C3A Camera
Supports two batteries on simultanous charge
EZVIZ Solar Panel for C3A Wireless Camera
HikVision Surveilance Class SD Cards
Designed for EZVIZ WiFi Cameras and DashCams
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EZVIZ C3A Wireless Camera Build-It Kit

C3A Camera batteries are expected to last up to 3 months however by connecting them to the W2D base station, the batteries could last up to 9 months.

  • EZVIZ C3A cameras are 100% Wire-Free – needs WiFi or W2D base station to connect to the internet
  • W2D Base station requires power and must be wired to a router


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