EZVIZ C3W Husky Air

R1,299.00 incl. VAT

  • All-in-One Security – Full HD 1080p Video, Alarm System, Two-Way Audio, and Motion Detection
  • Active Defence – Remote Activated Alarm System includes loud siren and bright LED strobe
  • Two-Way Audio – Microphone range up to 15ft and waterproof high decibel speakers
  • Built to Last – Weatherproof IP66 housing
  • Full HD 1080P HDR – enhanced with HDR technology to provide clearest video feed
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home


EZVIZ C3W Husky Air Smart WiFi Camera – 1080p


Active Defence System with Strobe Light, Sound Alarms, and Two-way Audio

 What good is monitoring your home if you can’t defend it? Take your security system to the next level with a remote activated alarm system and give yourself the tools to fight back against unwanted visitors.

Combined with Two-Way Audio and Instant Activity Alerts, it will be like you are always home and ready to protect the things most precious to you. Notifications are sent directly to your mobile device and alarm functions are enabled right on screen.

Upon detection of suspicious activity, the camera activates pre-emptive defence and send out light and sound alarms to deter intruders, nipping potential danger in the bud. With a sound alarm that can reach up to 100 dB, all areas under surveillance are effectively covered.



ezGuard stands ready 24/7 watching over the important areas of your home. Weatherproof Casing, Dual Wi-Fi Antennas, and Hard-Wired Power Connection provide a dependable first line of defence, ready to notify you of any activity within view.


Once ezGuard detects activity, recording is automatically started and notification is sent directly to your mobile device. From the EZVIZ APP (Mobile) you can choose to view the video feed live or watch a short recording of the event.



With Two-Way Audio and a Remote Activated Alarm System, not only will you be recording the event, you will also have the tools available to interact with what’s on the other side. Activate a loud siren and strobe light to scare off intruders or use the Two-Way Audio to let them know exactly what’s on your mind.

External Powerful Dual Antenna Ensure Reliable Wireless Transmission

Remote transmission with strong penetration and anti-interference capabilities.


IP66 Dust & Water Prevention

Resistant against rain, snow, and other weather conditions


30m Night Vision for Omniscient Surveillance

The integration of efficient infrared light, anti-reflection panel and ICR infrared filter enables excellent clarity at night


Cardan Shaft Rotation for Two Installation Methods

With Cardan shaft rotation, ezGuard supports both ceiling suspension and wall-mounted installation, based on your practical needs


What’s in the box?

  • Husky Air 1080p Security Camera
  • Power Supply
  • Mounting Accessories
  • Mounting Guide
  • Quick Start Guide

Connectivity Requirements

  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • 2.4Ghz Only
  • Minimum 1.5 Mbps Internet Connection
  • Mobile OS: iOS v7.0+ / Android v4.0+




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