Optex HX40 3rd Party Kit

R3,995.00 incl. VAT

Kit includes the following:

  • 1x Optex HX40 High mount wireless outdoor PIR
  • 1x Ajax transmitter for integration, including batteries

NOTE: Optex HX40 device is powered from the Ajax Transmitter


Optex HX40 3rd Party Kit – High Mount PIR

How is it used?

We use the third party Optex HX40RAM High Mount Detector for Patios and other outdoor areas where furniture or obstacles would obstruct the standard (low mount) Pet Friendly PIR detection area. The HX40 is installed high enough to detect movement over the top (on the other side) of obstructions ensuring intruders do not pass by undetected


  • Form C alarm out and tamper output
  • Battery saving timer function
  • Active IR digital anti-masking function
  • Mounting height 2.5 – 3m (8ft. – 10ft.)
  • Intelligent and detection logic
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Dual signal processing circuit
  • Vegetation sway analysis logic
  • Ideal detection area setting


The HX-40RAM is a high mount, wireless ready, outdoor detector for mid level to high end applications where reliability and performance is a must. This wireless-ready, battery powered version works with most manufacturer’s wireless systems and allows installers to save valuable installation time and labour costs because no trenching, conduit or cabling is required. The unique pyro-element developed by Optex provides a multiple pattern detection with 94 high density detection zones and accurate discrimination function for spot temperature changes of moving objects. These features drastically reduce fails and missed alarms caused by severe outdoor environmental changes and provide a wide range of applications. Accurate detection performance is necessary is such environments, and the HX-40RAM meets these requirements.

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications: 

Model HX40 RAM
Detection Method Passive Infrared
Anti-masking Yes
PIR Coverage 12m (40′) 85° wide/94 zones
PIR Distance Limit 4.0 m, 5.5m, 9.0m (13’1″, 18’1″, 29’6″)
Detectable Speed 0.3 m/s – 1.5 m/s (1’/s-4’11″/s)
Sensitivity 2.0°C (3.6°F) at 0.6 m/s
Power Input 3 – 7.2 V DC Lithium Battery (CR123 x3, CR2 x3, 1/2AAx3, 1/2AAx6)
Operating Voltage 2.5 – 9 VDC
Current Draw 30uA (standby)/ 4 mA (max) at 3 V DC
Alarm period 2.0 +/- 1sec
Warm-up period Approx 90 sec (LED blinks)
Alarm output Form C-Solid State Switch: 10 V DC, 0.01 A max
Tamper output Form C: 28 V DC, 0.01 A max activates when cover removed
Trouble output N.C./N.O. Selectable -Solid State Switch 10 V DC 0.01 A (max)
AUX input
LED Indicator Disable: During Normal Operation Enable: During walk test or LED SW on Red: Warm-up, Alarm, Trouble, Low battery
RF Interference No Alarm 10 V/m
Operating temperature -20°C – +60°C (-4°F – +140°F)
Environmental humidity 95% (Max.)
Weatherproof IP55
Mounting Wall
Mounting Height 2.5 – 3.0m (8’2″ – 9’10”)
Bracket adjust angle Vertical: +/-20° Horizontal +/-95°
Weight 600g (21.2oz)
Accessories Bracket, Hood, Area masking seal, screw kit (3 x 10-2, 4 x 20-4), Velcro tape x2, alarm cable, battery lead x2


HX40 series Datasheet

Installation Manual

HX-40RAM Manual


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